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"To see the light by which Masons Work"
    Greetings from the East: "Freemasonry has no dogma or theology, It
offers no sacraments. It teaches that it is important for every man to
have a religion of his own choice and to be faithful to it in thought and
action. As a result, men of different religions meet in fellowship and
brotherhood under the fatherhood of God. I think that a good Mason is
made even more faithful to the tenets of his faith by his membership in
the Lodge."    The Reverend Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, 33*
     Congratulations to our newest EA - Eric Willis! Let us give him
good counsel and support.
Officers, we need to get ready for a 2nd degree. It is never too early to
prepare. Also a 3rd degree will be scheduled for July, so practice
please. I will give all the details at the Stated Meeting.
The dinner for the June Stated will be a 'Mexican Fiesta'. Can you
guess what that entails?
   On a final note:  I would like to express my satisfaction with the
outcome of the May 20th "work day" at Kona Lodge. Without dedicated
individuals like you, this amount of cleanup and sprucing up would not
have been possible. I feel like we accomplished a great amount of long
overdue sprucing up. What a difference a few hours makes! I believe
your efforts will instill a greater sense of pride in our brothers and will
in turn encourage greater volunteerism for future events.

    See you in Lodge,
    Bob Brogan
    Worshipful Master

Aloha Brethren, I would like to congratulate our newly obligated
entered apprentice David Eric Willis and all of our officers that put on
the degree. awesome performance!
   I would also like to thank all the brethren who participated in the
Lodge cleanup, your efforts are greatly appreciated.
   I would like extend an invitation to all of the Masonic brethren,
traveling or not, to come and join us at all our ceremonies and enjoy
the dinners, comaradery and aloha from our Kona lodge.  

    Chris Domino
    Senior Warden

   Aloha brethren, a special welcome to our new brother Eric is in
order.  Although I was unable to attend I am sure the beginning of your
journey was fulfilling and spiritually beneficial. The journey is just
beginning and I look forward to assisting him in his journey.  
   I very much appreciate our worshipful master volunteering to cook
for the June Stated. Again please make every effort to come support
your lodge. I look forward to seeing all of my brothers.  
  On a personal note my promotion process has concluded and I want
to thank all of you for your support through this lengthy process.  No
results will be given for a month, but, the process is over and I can
concentrate more on our lodge.
    Fraternally yours,
    Troy Gibson Sr.
    Junior Warden.

    Jun   03        Phillip K. Aiona
    Jun   04        Eddie Akana, Jr.
    Jun   08        Charles R. Sundberg PM
    Jun   09        Benjamin D. Spencer PM
    Jun   19        Admar T. Ularte
    Jun   26        Timothy S. Cooke
    Jun   30        Brian Bott
    Jun   30        A. Lee Meyerson PM

    Jun   04 1994   J. Daniel Miller PM
    Jun   13 1937   William Lathers, Jr, PM
    Jun   23 2004   Frank L. Jung
    Jun   24 1969   Robert L. Bates
    Jun   24 2015   Charles W. Neese
    Jun   25 2014   Gerald A. Akers

    June 7 – Stated Dinner & Meeting
                   6PM Dinner
                   7PM Meeting
    June 14 - Officers Practice
                   6PM 2nd Degree
    June 21 - Officers Practice
                   6PM 2nd Degree
    June 28 – High 12 6PM

Pictured above is our scholarship recipient for Kealakehe High School,
Jamie Caudell,who is the son of our very own Brother John Caudell.

Pictured above is the Eric Willis First degree at Kona Lodge on May 17,
2017. The degree was well attended and the officers did an exemplary
job. Congratulations Brother Willis.

Visitor Michael Otis, from Washington State is introduced West of the

JUNE 2017
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