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"To see the light by which Masons Work"
   What is a Mason? He is faithful to his family. He is faithful to his
friends. He is faithful to his country. He is faithful to Masonry, and
therefore the best interests of mankind. A Freemason strives for
knowledge and to obtain the truth. A Freemason knows that
knowledge is the most genuine and real of human treasures and wants
to share it with others. A Freemason therefore should be a man of
honor, principals, and conscience devoted to learning and sharing. We
as Mason's need to do more to be seen as the positive role models we
are supposed to be. We should wear our Masonry as a proud badge of
honor, because each one of us has every right to be proud of our
fraternity. This fraternity has withstood the test of time. Masonry
should be action, not inaction. It should be work, not inactivity. A
Masonic Lodge should resemble a beehive, with members actively
involved in many activities. Community events, clean-up days,
scholarships, help for shut-ins, and the list goes on only limited by our
imagination. It is worse by far to know and not to do, than never to
have known at all. Remember that life is not measured by its hours,
days, or years, but by that which we have done for our fellow mankind.

    See you in Lodge
    Bob Brogan

Aloha Brethren, first I congratulate our newly raised Master Mason
Brother Jeffery Cabanting-Rafael. It is an honor for our Kona Lodge to
put on a degree for our Kilauea brethren.
I extend to all of the Masonic brethren, traveling or not, to come and
join us at all our ceremonies and enjoy the dinners, aloha and a family
welcome from our Kona lodge.  

“A Mason is not necessarily a member of a lodge. In a broad sense, he
is any person who daily tries to live the Masonic life, and to serve
intelligently the needs of the Great Architect.”

Fraternally Yours,
Chris Domino
Senior Warden

   Aloha brethren, I can't believe it is already March.  We have had a
busy and exciting start of the year.  
   The West Hawaii High 12 Club is up and running. We have had three
initial meetings. It would seem that the wheels of West Hawaii High
Twelve are turning.
   There is much work needed to get ready for advanced stations, time
is short, and it will be proficiency time sooner than you will think. I urge
all officers to work diligently toward their goal.  
I thank all of Kona Lodge for their continued support, patience and
   Thank you, WB Chuck Sunberg PM for always being there to fill in
for me when I cannot attend.  I truly appreciate this, my brother.
I thank all who participated and attended our February 24th courtesy
degree for Brother Jeffery Cabanting-Rafael of Kilauea lodge.
   I need a cook for the March Stated as I will be taking a promotional
test that day so any interested brother please call me 640-1149.  
   I am always amazed at what this group of men can accomplish as a
group it is a true testament to brotherhood.
   In closing we will be having a first degree upcoming which we
haven't had in a while and I urge all Kona Lodge Masons to attend this
momentous day and look forward to seeing you there.

    Fraternally yours,
    Troy Gibson
    Junior Warden

    Mar 03  Ramon Villasenor
    Mar 04  Russell  E. Charvonia PGM
    Mar 15  Robert L. Brogan PM
    Mar 15  Ralph G. Hind
    Mar 15  Allen D. Kennedy

    Mar 03 1984  Charles R. Sundberg PM
    Mar 05 2016  Damien S. House
    Mar 06 1953  Richard E. Marshall
    Mar 18 2009  Hector Robles
    Mar 26 2010  Timothy S. Cooke
    Mar 31 1993  Allen D. Kennedy

    Mar 01  Stated Meeting
                    6pm Dinner
                    7pm Meeting
    Mar 08     6pm     1st Degree Practice
    Mar 15     6pm     Floor Work Practice
    Mar 22     6pm     High 12 Dinner
                    7pm     Meeting
    Mar 29                  DARK

MARCH 2017
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