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"To see the light by which Masons Work"

Greetings from the East:
    I would like to share some quotes for your perusal this month.
    “Masonry is too great an institution to have been made in a day,
much less by a few men, but was a slow evolution through long time,
unfolding its beauty as it grew. Indeed, it was like one of its own
cathedrals which one generation of builders wrought and vanished,
and another followed, until, amidst vicissitudes of time and change, of
decline and revival, the order itself became a temple of Freedom and
Fraternity." - J.F. Newton
    "The importance of improvement, setting an example, and
shouldering responsibility for the future are our Masonic goals. And
where will it end? In brotherhood. What we build today will endure.
That is our hope and our faith." - Stanley F. Maxwell
     "The better we know each other, the more we love each other." -
Henry C. Clausen
     See you in Lodge,
     Bob Brogan  

   Aloha Brethren, March has been a pretty quiet month but that’s all
about to change. In our April stated meeting we will be voting on a new
application so I encourage all brethren to attend. Also, the Annual
Grand Lodge Communication will be taking place April 21-22, it’ll be my
first time attending such an event and I’m really looking forward to it.
   Here is a little Masonic history in the month of April that I found
Maundy Thursday: A Feast Day that commemorates the Last Supper of
Jesus Christ with the Apostles. Maundy Thursday moves between
March 19th and April 22nd with the Easter holiday. Celebration is held
on the Thursday before Easter.

  • April 24        On this date in 1901, President Theodore Roosevelt
    received his 3rd degree.
  • April 20        On this date in 1884, Pope Leo XIII issued a famous
    Papal Bull against Freemasonry, titled Humanum Genus

   I would also like to extend an invitation to all of the Masonic brethren,
traveling or not, to come and join us at all our ceremonies and enjoy
the dinners, comradery and aloha from our Kona lodge.  
Fraternally Yours,
    Chris Domino
    Senior Warden

   Aloha my brethren, I am excited we have a first degree candidate to
vote on.  It has been a while since we have had a new candidate to
vote on.  The investigating committee has already initiated contact and
by the time this article is posted we will have voted.  I would like to
thank Brother Scott Whipple for cooking a great meal and participating
on many behind the scene tasks.  Mahalo my brother and keep up the
good work.  
   Brother Ippy had a great wedding in Napa that was attended by a
few of us from Kona lodge.  I know he appreciated the support.  I will
keep this short and sweet and close with I could still use some help
with cooking duties my brethren. Feel free to call me if you wish to
assist 640-1149.  
    Troy D Gibson Sr
    Junior Warden

    Apr 05    Cesar S. Felix Jr.
    Apr 10    Kristoffer Strauss
    Apr 13    Gerald A. Akers
    Apr 21    Edward G.  Ku
    Apr 25    James F. Graham
    Apr 28    William Lathers Jr. PM
    Apr 30    Oscar C. Tuano, PM

    Apr 03 1963    Richard E. Burt PM
    Apr 06 1996    John M. McKenna
    Apr 11 1958    Robert S. Foerster
    Apr 13 1983    Oscar Tuano PM
    Apr 21 1977    Robert L. Brogan PM
    Apr 22 1997    Robert M. Shimamoto PM
    Apr 25 1985    Paul J. Kopriva
    Apr 28 1987    Michael P. Baker Sr., PGM
    Apr 29 1954    R. T. Doc Halliday
    Apr 29 1992    Robert F. Self PM
    Apr 30 1965    Elmer J. Jenson

    Apr 05        Stated Meeting & Dinner
                           6PM Dinner
                           7PM Meeting
    Apr 12        Officers Practice
                           6PM 1st Degree
    Apr 19        Officers Practice
                           6PM 1st Degree
    Apr 21 – Apr 22 GL Communication
    Apr 26        High Twelve Meeting
                           6PM dinner
                           7PM Meeting

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